Hemorrhoids In Weight Lifters

Hemorrhoids In Weight Lifters

Not all of us will resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger in our lifetime, but we can certainly try. Even if you have zero interest in having massive biceps and ripped pectorals, weight training is a great exercise for toning your body and burning calories. However, it is important for you to follow proper safety precautions when hitting the gym.

Strenuous work involving heavy lifting commonly causes hemorrhoids, which is why athletes are susceptible to the disease. Physical conditioning and exercising for lengthy periods of time can worsen your hemorrhoids and cause you a great amount of pain as well.

How It Happens

Hemorrhoids are caused when veins near the anus become swollen, which often occurs during straining. Straining and holding your breath while lifting weights could cause the veins near your anus to become swollen and possibly poke through your anus, resulting in uncomfortable hemorrhoids. Grunting and holding your breath as you lift weights forces the air in your lungs downward, putting pressure on your internal organs and the veins in your rectum.

Effects of Weightlifting When You Have Hemorrhoids

If you already suffer from hemorrhoids, your doctor may suggest that you to take a break from lifting weights while you are healing. The exertion of weightlifting could increase the pressure in your abdomen, which may lead to a worsening of your hemorrhoid symptoms. The abdominal pressure that builds up when you are weightlifting is similar to the pressure your body creates when you strain to have a bowel movement.

Proper Weightlifting to Prevent Hemorrhoids

A regular weightlifting routine does not have to lead to hemorrhoids. If you practice proper breathing while lifting weights, you can prevent developing hemorrhoids.

Avoid holding your breath and pushing in the direction of your anus as you lift weights. Instead, take a breath before lifting, then hold your breath, pushing the air in the direction of your throat as you lift and exhaling completely after each repetition. Here is a video that demonstrates the proper techniques when weightlifting.

Benefits of Exercise on Hemorrhoids

Regular exercise is beneficial when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. While weightlifting might be limited when dealing with hemorrhoids, yoga and walking provide good forms of exercise that can help you prevent and relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. Try taking a 30-minute walk each morning to prevent hemorrhoids, and perform exercises throughout the day that contract and release your perineal muscles, a group of muscles that are located in the triangular area between the coccyx and genitalia, several times. A good exercise to work your perineal muscle is known as Kegal exercises, named after their creator. Contract the perineum for four seconds, then release. This is considered one set. Do 10 to 15 sets at a time, two to three times a day. Increase the amount of time you hold the muscles by two seconds every two weeks until you reach 10 seconds. Once you are proficient, 10 to 25 sets a day should be enough.

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