Is Your Work The Cause Of Your Hemorrhoids?

Is Your Work The Cause Of Your Hemorrhoids?

Does your job require lengthy periods of time sitting at a desk, starring at a computer and occasionally getting out of your chair to grab a cup of coffee? Did you know that among stress and many other career-related activities, your desk job could be the cause of developing hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are frequent among people who have desk jobs that require sitting at a desk for a large bulk of their day. Doing so for lengthy periods of time creates pressure in your bottom, and gravity causes blood to stay in that region. When we are busy at work, we forget to take an occasional break for activity. While we continue to stay seated at our desk, pressure continues to build in our bottom, and if you have had a hemorrhoid flare-up, the aggravation becomes intense because of the excessive and unnatural pressure.

If you have a job that may not be at a desk, but requires you to sit in some way, you are still at risk. For example, a judge, truck driver or a mail carrier are all likely to develop hemorrhoids during their career.

The best way to avoid this scenario for any job is to set aside a couple of minutes every hour to stretch, take a lap around the office and perform some jumping jacks or whatever activity you prefer. It is always a good idea to provide incentive to walk away from your desk.

Another option to prevent hemorrhoids at your desk job is to add a cushion to your chair in order to soften the pressure going to your bottom, which enables the sphincter muscle to feel less force from your body weight. The best option is to buy a comfortable cushion that is shaped like a donut. Always try multiple cushions, since you will likely be sitting on it for a long time. If you are unable to find a cushion, a pillow will work as well.

How does your company prevent hemorrhoids at work? Do your co-workers take time every hour to stretch, walk around or do something active? Does your company do group stretches each day to provide a healthy work environment? If the answer is no to either of the latter questions, consider making these changes to prevent problems with hemorrhoids.

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